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Jul 15, 2016

Why Vinyl? 7 Advantages of Vinyl Siding

Your home’s exterior cladding, the outermost layer on your walls, represents one of the most important
individual elements of your house. Your cladding can make a massive difference in climate control, weather
protection, and visual appeal.

So when it comes time to replace your cladding, choosing a new material may seem intimidating. After all,
the material you choose directly impacts the structural integrity and functionality of your house in the
immediate future.

Many homeowners in your position opt for vinyl siding. And in this blog, we list seven reasons why.

1. Affordability and Cost-Effectiveness

When it comes to cost, vinyl siding outperforms almost any other material. Vinyl’s initial cost is
typically on the low end. But what makes this option truly cost-effective is affordable installation,
durability, and few maintenance costs.

Additionally, vinyl siding installation represents one of the renovations with the highest returns on
investment if you decide to sell your home.

2. Compatibility With Many Existing Exteriors

While some cladding requires that you remove what’s already on your home before upgrading, vinyl siding
works with almost any existing exterior. You can install vinyl over many other types of cladding, which
reduces retrofitting costs.

Vinyl is also lightweight, which means it’s simpler and cheaper to install. Whatever your home looks like
now, chances are that a professional can renovate your exterior with new vinyl panels quickly and easily.

3. Expansive Color and Texture Options

Vinyl siding offers some of the most expansive color and texture options available, including shaped vinyl
shingles and imitation wood. Your many vinyl siding options mean you can find a specific product that creates
the exact look you want.

For example, if you love the look of wood but can’t afford the cost, choose vinyl instead. Many faux wood
vinyls fool the eye, even when you stand close to them. You can find vinyl that looks like a specific wood
variety at a fraction of the real thing’s cost.

4. High Fire Safety Ratings

When it comes to reducing the risk of home fires, vinyl siding offers one of your best protection options.
Residential vinyl complies with strict National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulations regarding
insulation of electrical and transmission cables.

This characteristic makes vinyl a good fit for older homes, which have a higher risk of electrical fires.
However, you should never rely on siding to protect your home if your electrical system shows warning signs
of aging or failure.

5. Long Expected Lifespan and Durability

Vinyl siding has one of the longest expected lifespans of any cladding material. It’s not unusual to
receive a lifetime warranty on new vinyl siding that can even be prorated for future owners.

Vinyl cladding also resists damage from hail, high wind, and moisture, making it ideal for homeowners in
climates with extreme weather.

6. Low Maintenance Requirements

While wood and brick cladding can look beautiful, they also require a significant amount of maintenance.
Vinyl, on the other hand, never requires refinishing, protective coating, or repainting.

Cleaning as needed can keep vinyl siding beautiful easily. Most homeowners find a single annual cleaning

7. Resistance to Organic Decay

One of the reasons vinyl can stay attractive and durable for so long, even with minimal maintenance, is
its resistance to threats from moisture. Vinyl withstands most forms of corrosion, including rot, mold, and

Additionally, vinyl siding resists most insect pests when properly installed so that you don’t have to
worry about termites and other common infestations.


Ready to update your cladding to vinyl? Speak to the team at Drey Roofing. We provide high-quality vinyl
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