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Asbestos Roof Services in Omaha, NE


​Asbestos shingle roofs, present themselves in a variety of styles and sizes. Contrary to popular belief, “asbestos shingles and roofs” are not entirely asbestos. The bulk of the composition of most of these roofing shingles are of mineral fiber and cement and have asbestos content usually only about 5%. One should know that the matrix of transite material is so tight that it becomes difficult to create a fiber release instance unless the material is mishandled or in a state of decomposition. Regardless of how we know them today, they are like any other potentially dangerous material and require proper care and handling. This is why we take the extra precaution while working on you asbestos roof to protect you the home owner.

If you have an asbestos shingled roof contact Drey Roofing we area qualified to work on your asbestos roof for repairs or for replacement.

Thank You for a nice job on our roof! We appreciate the way you take care of us!

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